Michael E Murphy


Wondering what your old baseball collection is worth? Clearing out your loved one’s attic and curious if the antiques you found are worth anything? Looking to have an estate sale or clean-out of your home? Let Michael Murphy, an experienced appraiser, seller, and buyer, lend a hand.

Experience Passed Down from Family

Michael has been interested in finding value in treasures, antiques, and oddities since he was a child. His great grandfather owned a coin shop, and Michael spent his childhood learning about coins, value, and how to make a good deal that benefitted everyone involved.

He knew that he wanted to continue his appraisal experience into adulthood. Over the past decades, Michael has become an expert in more than just coins. He now has experience appraising, selling, and buying items ranging from collectible toys to cards, antiques to artwork.

Who Michael Works With

One of the best parts of Michael’s job is the opportunity he has to work with a variety of people with different items, backgrounds, and goals. He is ready to work with you if:

You are decluttering your home and found unique items that you would like appraised

You already know an item is worth money, but aren’t sure how to find interested parties

You are a collector who is ready to sell some of your collection for profit

Your loved one recently passed away or is downsizing and you want to see if any of their items have a monetary value

How the Process Works

Michael is a one-stop-shop when it comes to appraising, buying, and selling your collectibles. He can simply appraise your items, or he can buy/sell your items as well. He has experience with a variety of items, including:





Advertising Signs



Sports Cards

Call him today to tell him more about your needs and goals.

You’re only one call away from finally knowing what your antique or collectible is really worth.